DIY JOY Holiday Wood Sign

This DIY wood sign was originally created for the Holidays but I love it so much I that I think I’ll  keep it up all year.  What I love most is that this sign is entirely customizable.  You can use different wood colors, lettering, or bows to fit your style. I received so many compliments on it during our holiday parties -most people thought that it was store bought!  Can’t wait to make a wreath sign for all seasons!
I love the way the letter “O” can be replaced by wreaths during the holiday season – or anytime!  This sign was inspired by Pinterest.  I have linked many inspirational Pinterest posts further down. Words like Love, Noel, and Joy work great with this method.
If you have most of the hardware materials, this project should cost less than 30 dollars from start to finish.
1. Wood: you can use any wood that you want but I opted for the cheapest light colored wood from the Home Depot (or Lowes). I used a $1.27 piece of wood that I asked the store to cut into 4 equal pieces.  Sizes can vary but I had the store cut the wood into 4, 24 inch pieces.  If you have your own wood saw, even better! (That is definitely on my wishlist).
2. Electric sander or sanding blocks: If your wood is too rough, I suggest sanding it down a bit.  I do not own an electric sander – the blocks were time consuming but did the trick.
3. D ring picture hangers:  You will be using an electric screwdriver to drill the hangers onto the back of your wood.  It will be hard to drill the hangers in without electric strength.
4. Wood glue: Any wood glue will do.  Elmer’s is effective and cheap.
5. Glue gun: Any glue gun will do.  I use this one

6. J and Y Monogram letters: I ordered these  9 inch white letters from Michaels.  Hobby Lobby also has great wooden letters here. Search “letters and numbers” on their website to see all the other wood lettering options.  You can also check out painted wood letters -For a little extra cost, you can customize your colors.
7. Wreath: I bought the 10 inch grapevine wreath from Michaels.  Michaels has many other cute wreaths to choose from.  You can also find them in 8 inches on Amazon or Hobby Lobby.
8. Thin ribbon:  This ribbon will be wrapped around the wreath.  I suggest using thin ribbon so it doesn’t hide too much of the wreath.  I used this decorative leaf ribbon in “Dark Green” but any thin ribbon would look great.  For the red and white holiday spirit, baker’s twine is a great choice.

9. Burlap ribbon:  This ribbon will be used for the bow. I used a  7/8” ribbon.

10. Twine: To secure the wreath onto the wood.

Get Crafting:

1. Glue the wood pieces together: First, you will need to glue the wood pieces together.  Put your wood on a plastic garbage bag to avoid making a mess  and apply a thin layer of glue along the length of each piece.  Wipe up any oozing immediately with a paper towel – especially on the front of the sign.  I suggest doing this over night so that your wood has ample time to dry.

Don’t worry if the wood isn’t perfectly even. It will not be noticeable in the final product

2. Drill in the picture hangers: Once the wood is dry, immediately drill one D ring picture hanger onto each side of the sign.  This will be hard to do once the letters and wreath are attached.  I drilled a picture hanger 3 inches from each end.

The length of the wood is 24 inches. The two D-ring hangers are placed 3 inches from each end

3. Wrap your thin ribbon around the wreath: Use your glue gun to glue one end of the ribbon onto the back of the wreath to establish your starting point.  Start wrapping the ribbon around the wreath – add a drop of glue wherever you want to keep the ribbon in place.  Only use the glue gun on the back side of the wreath so the glue is not visible.

Apply glue on the back of the wreath to keep the green ribbon in place

4.  Clean up the wreath: If there are any pieces of the wreath that are sticking out awkwardly, you can use scissors to snip them off.

5. Arrange your letters: Once the wood pieces have finished drying, figure out your preferred placement of for the J, Wreath, and Y.

6. Glue the letters: Use the glue gun to place the J and Y on opposite ends of the sign.  I placed them as far as I could within the boundaries of the wood.

7. Place the wreath: Start by placing the wreath in between your two glued letters (do not glue the wreath yet).  Find your preferred position.

8.  Tie the wreath: Because the wreath is so uneven, it will be hard to rely on glue to keep it in place.  The first step to securing the wreath is tying twine around the back of the sign.

Front View – Top and bottom of the wreath are attached to the twine.  A simple knot will work
Back View – One piece of twine holds the top and bottom of the wreath in place

9. Glue the wreath: Now that the wreath is fastened with twine, add drops of glue wherever the wreath touches the wood.  This will ensure that it does not fall off or become loose.

10. Create the bow: There are many tutorials online that explain how create bows from scratch.  I used this pinterest how-to.  My modification was that I added a drop from the glue gun on the back side of the bow to keep the strip of burlap in place.

11.  Glue the bow onto the sign

12. Enjoy.

Get creative! I love how versatile this piece is – you can add your own style or colors and customize the ribbons entirely to your liking.
Live your life & enjoy.
Great examples for your inspiration:

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