Welcome Aboard!

 I’m Léa – A 23 year old French-Argentinean-American from The Big Apple that has found a new home on the West Coast.
 June 2016 was the most momentous month of my life – I packed all my belongings into some boxes, shipped them off and then left NYC- got engaged, toured parts of Europe, then flew home to an empty, new unfurnished apartment in California and started my new job the very next day.

I live in San Francisco with my hubby-to-be. He is my life, my love, and my favorite person on earth. Together we decided to start a new life out on the West Coast and never looked back.  Take a leap of faith every once in a while and you may be surprised by the outcome. You never know what you might find when you explore new things.

We love our new life – maybe we were never meant for the hustle and bustle of NYC. We get to explore the outdoors, eat dinner together every night, and enjoy the luxuries of never needing a winter coat.  We are even lucky enough to have a little puppy!

Here is a place for me to pour out the fun parts of life that others may find important in their own lives- crafting, baking, exploring, working out…wedding planning, you name it!
Come along!
*Proposal Photo by Erin Floyd Photography