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  • DIY JOY Holiday Wood Sign

    This DIY wood sign was originally created for the Holidays but I love it so much I that I think I’ll keep it up all year. What I love most is that this sign is entirely customizable. You can use different wood colors, lettering, or bows to fit your style. I received so many compliments on it during our holiday parties -most people thought that it was store bought! Can’t wait to make a wreath sign for all seasons!

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  • Hip Hip Hooray! Recovering from Hip Surgery

    Labrum Tear Don’t Care? Recovery Survival Guide
    For as long as I can remember, I have had pain after a long walk or any physical activity. No pain no gain? That’s what I always told myself. A few years ago, the pain became worrisome. I got it checked out by everyone….until one doctor finally recommended that I go to an orthopedic surgeon.

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    Hello World!
    June 2016 was the most momentous month of my life – I packed all my belongings into some boxes, shipped them off and then left NYC- got engaged, toured parts of Europe, then flew home to an empty, new unfurnished apartment in California and started my new job the very next day.